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Fashion TV - What You Can Learn From Fashion Television

Although I did not die-hard fan of any of the fashion TV show, I think there is a lot you can learn from a variety of fashion shows, as well as those that feature fashion shows in their story lines. Even though you May not agree with or like everything you see on them, fashion shows - such as cooking shows - to help broaden their understanding of art, which in turn, helps you to dress better


Here's a rundown of some of the most popular fashion television shows (check your local listings for time and channel):

Project Runway

Project Runway is a reality show that pits aspiring fashion designers against each other in a series of design izazova.Pobjednik gets $ 100,000 to launch its first line, and builds name recognition and after the competition. Design of the contestants had to do some crazy things over the years, as would clothes from grocery store items (remember Austin Scarlett beautiful corn husk dress?), WrestleMania costume design, working with clients couture prom dress, cocktail clothes created for her mother, and more. Throw in a little back-stabbing, snarky comments, and down-to-the-shelf high drama, and it's really easy to get addicted.

What you can learn. design conditions, clothing, parts styling tips, and how to work on the budget

What not to wear

This recurring beggar for the princess stories, badly dressed clients nominated for makeovers by friends and family. The hosts trail the client in a public place, embarrass the heck out of it, and promise to finance a wave of the contents of clothing if she agrees to listen to her fashion advice. If it exists, it has received a head-to-toe makeover, and then returned home dressed to the consternation of those proposing to friends and family. While I do not always agree with the clothing advice given to clients, as we do to use the men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes makeover. I also like when customers realize that they can change your life by changing his clothes, because I saw it with my clients time and again.

What you can learn. how to dress different body shapes, how to dress for different occasions, and how to gain confidence through appropriate wardrobe choices

Rachel Zoe Project

Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who dresses up her famous clients for TV appearances, movie premieres and red carpet events. While I still disagree with their choices - and I am appalled at how their customers to enable her to dictate his public image wear what she says in * - I can not help but be impressed by how hard these women work. With her backstage access to designers, models and celebrities, she knows the whole collection, how to put together elements of clothing, and perhaps most importantly, to the high contact and gentle massage the ego to get what she wants.

What you can learn. designers, apparel and accessory requirements, styling tips, and how to build one million U.S. dollars Rolodex

* Lana Turner knew exactly how to reduce high slits in skirts so there is no proven cellulite. Marlene Dietrich has brought his lighting film sets and dictate how it should be lit. Audrey Hepburn insisted on Givenchy clothes and movies for personal use, because I felt it best understands how to dress her. They would never surrender its public image on someone else to manage.

Sex and the City

is perhaps the ultimate fashion TV show, "Sex and the City" follows the lives of four friends who work, play and date in New York. On HBO from 1998-2004 (and currently edited reruns somewhere else), the show was revolutionary for that matter, nudity, and fashion. Not only that Carrie Bradshaw is a set of clothing, eclectic, and unlike anything else on TV, this show - like a "nanny" - clearly showed how much our clothes reveal about who we are and where we came from: Carrie , a bohemian writer, Samantha, creative, hot-shot publicist, Charlotte, proper WASP princess, and Miranda, no-nonsense lawyer. Regardless of where they went or what she wore, they were almost always personas reflected in the style of dress.

What you can learn. designers, styling tips, how to dress for different occasions and occupations, how to dress at different levels of society

Ugly Betty

"Ugly Betty" follows the life of a sweet, smart, average size, average-looking assistant from Queens, who tries to fit in a reed-thin, high-glamor world of fashion in New York. Betty's clothing appropriate for its location and budget, but they pale in comparison to their high-wattage, fashion-obsessed colleagues. Not surprisingly, the customer behind "Ugly Betty", Patricia Field, was also the mastermind behind "Sex and the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada", so you'll see a lot of great designer, high-priced clothing.

What you can learn. stylistic ideas, what to wear at different levels, which do not carry

Mad Men

Set in New York in the early 1960s, this style-savvy show offers some of the best costumes on television. Large beautiful suits, dresses and carefully selected hats, gloves, bags and take me back to my childhood when taking pride in their appearance and dressing appropriately for every occasion are just as important as working hard and minding your manners. Beautiful clothes, skilled grooming, and beautiful sets make this show a pleasure to watch.

What you can learn. opportunity for appropriate attire, how to accessorize, historical costuming

Now as I said, do not always agree with everything that is on every show, but they are fun to watch, if for no other reason than because fashion plays such a dominant roll. You can always find something seized and used by each program.


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