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Denim Jeans In European Market

Denim jeans and Europe seem to be for each other. The relationship goes back a long time. In fact the very word jeans come from the type of material, which was named after sailors from Genoa in Italy. It is made ​​of denim material is of French Serge de Nimes.

end of the Second World War was a time when denim blue jeans gained new status in Europe. Rugged yet relaxing they stood for freedom and a great future. Both men and women wore them. In Europe the surplus Levi's jeans left the U.S. armed forces are now available in limited supplies. They were extremely popular among teenagers.

60-saw them come in slim jeans. They were extremely popular as leisurewear. Teenagers began to make a real fun to see them njima.70-Bell-bottoms hitting their peak. Creativity flourished as far as jeans go. Customized denim embroidery made ​​an appearance, so the stud and patched jeans, jeans gives a whole new glamorous appeal.

Designer jeans were literally everywhere in Europe and were a symbol of wealth and status in society. Leading designer labels flooded the market in the 80s. Acid wash debuted in 1986 in Europe and took the market oluja.90 marked the arrival of a generation that was more concerned with old-fashioned values​​, environment and family life.

Jeans is again from time to time and the new millennium is no different. You can see every major designer coming out with an amazing pair of jeans to wear. You can find them at catwalks, at chloe, at Versace and at literally every fashion festival. Recent trends like the beaded and the beat-up jeans are a rage among youngsters. Thus, the torn-knee blue jeans which can be found all over the world these days, why is Europe only.

comes from the Internet has also had its influence on the jeans in Europe, in the second half, so in the world. You can instantly find and shop for the latest jeans from numerous online resources. This meant that consumers had more choice and should not compromise the quality of the jeans. Freed of all creative restrictions denim jean takes a number of masks to be worn in and has literally broken every barrier of creativity. From being part of the bag for furniture-coverings to bed spreads, denim is a presence felt every where.

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