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Bold and Bright Therapist Uniform Colours at Fashion Week

This year, Paris is all about the wide leg pants in a lady like shades of camel, yellow and slate gray. London re-ignited our current passion for all things utility -., But this year's Milan Fashion Week was one of two surprises on the runway that saw designers, journalists and celebrities to remove their shades and picking up their pens

Traditionally, autumn / winter season in the color story is all about the darker base palette. Think of black, gray and chocolate brown and can be quite sure that you have the money in the fashion stakes. Think again. This year in Milan we saw the most vivid colors ever attended on the runway at any time of year. Hot pink, bright teal, and rich purple all put in a loud and proud appearance models strutted their stuff for Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Jil Sander to name a few.

Now we do not suggest you rush out and buy a head to toe Canary yellow two piece suit or a therapist uniform fluorescent orange color, but when it starts a trend this is impossible to ignore, and we'd stake our reputation on the fact that the brights will be one of the big hitters this winter. And of course, as a beauty professional must take into account what is happening on the runway when you choose your new therapist uniform.

The bright color trend is surprisingly easy to wear and a lot less scary than it looks. There really is only one golden rule to follow, when the color palette, this is great to hear your therapist uniforms classic and simple. Think about the weight loss of asymmetrical tunic at the waist with a strong, structured neckline. This creates a sleek silhouette that is the perfect base for a bold shade. Wear it with slim fitting pants or skirt for a smart look that is classic and bang on trend at the same time.

Wearing bright colors is about trust. If you feel confident that shade and style of your therapist tunic suits you perfectly you will be able to cope with the most vibrant shades. I do not feel the need to follow the trend as a slave, (after all, it looks beautiful on the model can be a very different thing when a mere mortal tries to take it!) So I think the accent color for your therapist uniforms, Black Beauty tunic with hot pink trim at trend and very wearable. You could even try wearing a strong color on top with black pants or skirts - Although the mouth-watering shades we saw at the Milan Fashion Week, I do not think it ever again wear black



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