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Beauty Forecast - Your Inside Look at Berlin Fashion Week Spring 2009 Make-up Trends

Presenting a complete and total reflection of the spring 2009 is a heavy liability for any designer. Of course, runway shows provide designers with a platform to exhibit their creativity in high-end garment manufacturing and technology, but in order to collect on the stand, the designer must provide a full, head-to-toe, a complete suite look. It includes a great style accessory coordination, stunning shoes, hair, and, last but not least, make-up skills.

model must exude inspiration in the design collection and win an audience, fashion editors, buyers and journalists alike, which determines the relatively high expectations with regard to the runway show takes just 5 minutes and lasts from 6 months to prepare the designer .

Set make-up color palette and dark is critical for designers because it sets the tone for what was to come. The runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin provide a diverse view of the stage so that potential beauty trends and predict the most coveted looks to come for Spring / Summer 2009 that you May want to compete and make your own.

There is no question that famous chameleon Martinovic designs for women, who can transform your beauty enchant and captivate all eyes on her casting. This season Martinovic casted a spell on the runway that was bold and mysterious. Fiery red lip strength combined with smoky intoxicating eye looked strange and exotic gems ženstveno.Korištenje to outline and define the eye shape is very Gipsy meets Far East.

Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania collection reflects the traditional style with punk edge, resulting in a high fashion look for the younger generation. For spring / summer of 2009, Westwood found inspiration in the ancient Greek period and the 50's couture with twist.Twist is certainly reflected in the make-up systems, as well as with models adorning bright cherry-colored lips soft and natural complexion. Eyes are lightly dusted with a shade of gray / bluish shades for women, but not over-look.

This event is a 1920s femme fatal at LAC ET Mel in the spring '09 runway show, where make-up artists contoured lips to pout baby doll reminiscent of the famous U.S. pin-up girls like Betty Grable, Greta Garbo and Clara Bow. One of the most comprehensive beauty trend at Berlin Fashion Week is a classic yet contemporary red lip.

Winner of Moet Chandon Fashion Award and in 2004, Sisi Wasabi's spring / summer 2009 collection is certainly something to be toasted na.Naglasak collection is, of course, Wasabi is a well-made ​​and customized design to perfection. Models drilling "au naturel" appearance, which consisted of reflective concealer, defined brow, a dab of mascara to define and nude lipstick. Each woman was sent airstrip well put together and looked classic, proving that less is sometimes more when it comes to make-up.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Berlin-based brand Scherer González we had to save it for last. loves all the design team put their hands on. Constanze González and Paul Scherer bring such a fresh perspective in a way that is, of course, reflected in the choice of make-up as well. Prim, proper and regal beauty collections define statement for the upcoming spring season. The models came out with a pretty pink pouts amended unsuspecting flushed a check that was a combination of berries and Peachy tonova.Tekstura skin is intact and dark. Make-up artists use a black liner to enhance and define eyes prefect presentation of spring beauty.


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