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The Typical Fashion Week Experience for The American Fashionista

Every year a week before labor day, fashionistas around the world go wild. Whether or not they are involved in the business? Why so? As the week that puts every fashion show cravers best dreams turned into reality on the way! Women flock to New York this week from the best of the best in the upcoming season is on the screen.

What usually happens is that the designers have all the top labels from around the world come together and network and party together all week long stay in the Upper East Side hotel where the best are taken care of by the professional hotel management that they remain more luxurious and comforting. They should be really good to meet high demands in a hurry fashion fashion week brings with CEOs, designers, models, elite guests all the effect of various hotels in town and they are able to do it with the help of employees who all hold interest rates certificates management regardless of the position held by the hotel. During the night scene on the runway where all the designers, who want top socialites and fashionistas in town gather to appreciate the gorgeous models, theme shows, and fabulous clothes put together by the designer in charge.

In the meantime, all the young girls in the country were glued to their TV screens and the internet to see live, designer interviews, pictures of models in his lavish after party club scene and the famous boys and girls, and especially to see which stores the address for your autumn wardrobe!


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