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Cycle of Fashion Trend

fashion industry players are always looking to make something "new" and "hot".

What is a fashion trend?

is the leading trend in which something new develops, usually leaning, inclination and line growth. So, the latest fashion trend in the fashion industry evolvement.

What is a fashion trend actually works?
Your wardrobe can give an answer. If you do not want to look at it, well.well. It reminds you that the appropriate steps with the latest fashion trends. What is in relation to fashion? People hold firmly to the rules - well, maybe not 'you'. You May be one of those who will follow your path and dress as they like. When it comes to the fashion industry, it is a constantly changing world. Although some trends that are considered obsolete and absurd, many more comebacks with innovative ideas.

Pace and the reappearance of the latest fashion trends
Now the new millennium, but the most fashionable things like pant legs tied, jelly bracelets, denim jeans and, finally, seems to be returning to trend again. It comes out that the latest fashion trends simply do not have anything new at all. Almost all re-emerged in the fashion trend. You can find literally torn jeans clothing in every store.

Who decides what is 'hot' and 'not' in fashion trends

There is no existence of a specific group that says it is a hot fashion trend or not. In fact, fashion designers and consumers who buy-out fashion goods make their judgment and throw a few opinions out there and observe what is caught.

Basically, the 'we', the consumer decide what is a hot commodity making our minds what to buy and wear.

fashion trend cycle

The first part of the cycle, where the trend is quite the catch immediately after seeing the great fashionable hat, dress or shoes on the runway, red carpet or music video. Then comes the emulation phase, where everyone wants a piece of the trend. Only face, celebrities and fashion industry players have access to the latest fashion right off the runway, which has not yet appeared in the shops.


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