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All About Emo

angst-ridden teenager wearing black tees, black eyeglasses, tight trousers, shoes and talk to who listens to loud punk music and depressing. Usually, this is the image that comes to mind when "we" is mentioned. But what we actually do? Is this just a trend among rebellious kids who want to be unique? Is it those emotional punk music we often hear today? As trendy as it is, many people still do not understand the terminology emo really refers to.

as a Subgenre of music, we had their roots in the mid-1980s when punk rock band, based in Washington, they began experimenting with his music and began adding more introspective and personal lyrics of their songs. During their concerts, bands we like and embrace spring ritual has become so emotional that their fans coined "WE" as a way to describe their exciting performances. Since then, the pattern of this type of music is marked by a dramatic and deeply felt lyrics, and loud and haunting melodies. Since its conception in the 1980s, a variety of emo bands like My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco successful crossovered of underground punk rock scene in the mainstream music charts. In addition, we inspired musical genre, fans of this genre have developed a special type of fashion and attitude that embodies the music and lifestyles of various emo bands.

The scene emo music, emo kid is generally defined as someone who goes against popular culture and tradition. No matter what other people think, we are usually the child feels comfortable with their lifestyle in music and fashion. Usually, we kid expresses his feelings and emotions through art, like painting, poetry and music. Due to the sad and tragic verse Subgenre emo music, emo kid often becomes stereotyped as depressed and angry individual. However, we kid does not necessarily have melancholic and subdued behavior at all times. Like other ordinary teenagers, baby we can be alive and energetic in the company of his friends or when watching emo band concerts.

Over the years, two fashion styles associated with emo lifestyle emerged. Developed in 1990, the first fashion style usually includes clothing purchased from thrift stores such as tight fit jeans and T-shirts with various designs and pictures of punk bands. In addition to the usual black robes, some emo kids also wear clothing with shades of brown and khaki. On the other hand, another fashion associated with the emo lifestyle is characterized by dark clothing with a Gothic design. Usually, we children who attributed this gothic emo fashion wear tailored trousers. Besides clothing, emo kids also wear accessories such as glasses and colorful wristbands. Typically, the emo kids who follow Gothic fashion style we wear make-up and have several body piercings.


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