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3 Celebrity Jeans Trends

Boyfriend Jean

We can thank Katie Holmes for pushing this into the hands of the masses. More than a year was first seen sporting a relaxed fit in baggy jeans accidentally rolled ankle. It was all in a great skinny jeans and leggings of the current storm. At first it seemed like it would be able to stay on the surface of all the jeans getting tighter and tighter, but soon, there is a mini-backlash is all the body hugging styles and boyfriend jeans has become a major fashion osobina.Izgled has even been seen frequently on Reese Witherspoon Rachel Bilson and Amanda Peet.

distressed jeans

Regardless of the style of a boyfriend or skinny jeans, distressed, ripped and shredded jeans are seen throughout the Hollywood set. With some clever reduction only in the right places, notably the knees and elbows just around the thinnest part of the thigh, distressed denim is here to stay, at least for a while. Trouble celebrities are wearing Katie Holmes, once again, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan.


jeggings ubiquitous, also known as faux tights and leggings Jean, clearly has become a fan staple among the celebrity and non-celebrities alike. Not only do they have this great skinny look legging funny aspect makes them comfortable to wear, especially when sitting for long periods such as during class or even at work. Another skin looks became a favorite of Sienna Miller, Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles.

If you get confidence, and the budget process by immersion in every fashion trend, these three features: Deck, horror and jeggings are great jumping off point. Experiment with what fits your body type, and then enjoy the fun quickly.


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