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What Is The Chinese Fashion Culture?

as a unique cultural phenomenon and cultural patterns, fashion culture is an unprecedented development in China and its impact on Chinese people, especially the young generation of life, the lifestyle changes that must be priznati.Društva, the emergence of an era and the ebb flow of culture and fashion, have profound social, political, economic, cultural and psychological reasons.

On one hand, the appearance of Chinese popular culture, development and dissemination process of creating the popular series of "words" opportunities, not only has a certain Western countries with similar economic, cultural and scientific and technical backgrounds, have different cultural dodijeljeneposebna ground mark. The so-called fashion, attitudes toward social psychology, refers to the public in social life, or achieved in a very popular method of behavior control, and therefore often referred to as a popular way. This is especially pronounced in a certain period of time, a significant number of people on the concept, behavior, language and way of life that create a joint search and make the whole society in the short term phenomenon everywhere.

On the other hand, according to its popular range of mode, duration, level of commitment to follow those who are divided into 3 types, namely, trendy, fashion, which is crazy. Fashion, or the popular and rapidly in a short period of life are disappearing (known as "hot boxes"), or longer duration, though not much, but the elegant trailing behavior (known as ""). Both fields of heat, and modern, there is a common feature, that participants were less self-invested, so foreign, some social psychologists call "public entertainment" approach.

Mode, the quest for the hearts and minds is more than fashion, it is a "public appreciation" approach. Since the duration and extent of view, fashion is more than a trendy fashion. When angry, it is an extreme form of method that is not a rational way to the state of insanity, so that it can cause serious consequences. From a cultural perspective in view of fashion, fashion is a common phenomenon in the social and cultural psychology is the period of mass society, of which the practice is followed and a new way of life and spiritual life matter. It is characterized by mass culture, but also the type of social culture, reflecting the time to unite the social and cultural characteristics, and rich content with its own unique personality and social cultural and social culture have an enormous impact. At the end of a consumer culture and popular culture in order to meet the most consumer-oriented culture, which makes the popular culture of the public must share the social and cultural life and consumer demand, and when the aspiration method, striving not only a way station in the public expenditure needs , even have fun as well as their spiritual life, culture is natural to have the appropriate transmission mechanism -. Fashion Culture


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