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Wear Jeans Right Now

Jeans is almost the main theme of our lives, it is permanently "eternal" world of fashion, but no matter how good a pair of jeans has a well-known feature - when cleaning, it will disappear. Long ago, jeans became popular, but no matter how good a pair of jeans, it will disappear after washing. Most jeans will disappear, allowing residents to be very careful when cleaning them. To keep the jeans? To better protect the jeans? Some basic color retention treatment must be done before washing, or jeans will quickly nestati.Evo some suggestions about that, I hope it will benefit you more or less.}

Methods for cleaning

The first approach. You should put some white vinegar in water and then washed jeans that were purchased. Then turn over jeans and soak for an hour and a half, in order to lock the color. You can use some white vinegar to color traperice.Drugi way. Please do not let shiny jeans off in hot water if you do, then you will have a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon. When we wanted to wash the jeans, the water temperature must be below 30 degrees. If you have more time, please use your hands clean jeans, then it will protect them and make them become better and better. Do not iron jeans, then it would be more sjajna.Treći way. Be sure not to forget to give jeans when you are washing, you can reduce the degree of fading. Try not to use detergent, but detergent used for washing dishes, because the dish soap does not contain bleach with the cleaning performance, but they are more shiny jeans. Or you can use water to clean jeans. The fourth method. Turn the jeans after the cleaning, hung him from the waist and dry in a dry and ventilated place. We should let the jeans out of the sun, it will easily lead to severe oxidative blijeđenje.Peti approach. Since the detergent containing bleach, it will make the jeans fade brzo.Šesti time. Please do not use more time to dry jeans.

To protect the jeans?

First metoda.Najbolje time to clean the jeans mjeseci.Tjedan six to twelve days later, the number of carriers will wash jeans. In fact, it is a fatal injury to the jeans. After a while, your jeans will be seriously broken, and you will not wear udobno.Druga method. If you sweat a lot during the summer, you can drape your jeans to dry and ventilated place. Allow to dry naturally after splashing some water on njega.Vjetar will blow away the flavor mixed. You can sprinkle a little water on top of dirty, and then gently rinse, and finally let the jeans dry naturally putem.Treći way. Of course, you are able to refer to hand washing.


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