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Haiti's Election Campaign and President Jean Bertrand Aristide's Expected Return

Approximately one month before the trek million Haitian voters to the polls in the second round of Haiti's disputed presidential election, political uncertainties cloud has descended across the country.

At the same time, however, the former U.S. president Bill Clinton, the United Nations special envoy for Haiti, confident on 20 March elections will produce a winner. He made a special one-day trip to the Caribbean country last week and spoke with a presidential candidate, Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly and Dr. Mirlande Manigat and discussed the future reconstruction of the earthquake ravaged country.

Moreover, Organization of American States to Haiti and its Caricom neighbors belong puts the final pieces in place to send your joint OAS-Caricom Electoral Observation Mission back in the country to monitor voting under the leadership of Colin Grandison, a senior official of Caricom.

"We hope that the irregularities and logistical problems faced in the first round November 28 last year will be mitigated by the March 20 elections," said Albert Ramdin, OAS Assistant Secretary General and President of the organization's group of friends Haiti . "It will depend on available resources for the Provisional Electoral Council, CEP, to conduct the elections. We have good, well-organized elections."

But such steps are taken to ensure an acceptable outcome, the key unknown factor in the political equation is Aristide's influence, it must return home before the election.

After being granted a diplomatic passport by the government of Haiti, despite these objections the Obama administration, Aristide has not indicated when he will set foot in the country and if the campaign of any candidate. What is unclear is how such a dramatic step would affect the election.


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