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Flirty and Furious Fashion Trends of 2011

Biker Chic-boots!

"Biker-Chic" Boots

flirty and fierce fashion trends 2011

Cyberpunk, Glamour and '70s Biker-Chic are some of the hot trends for 2011 revealed last fall during Fashion Week in New York. With daring new designs and building materials never before seen on the runway, it appears that 2011 will be the year of Futurism boring intertwined with vintage glamor. There is a new found courage to see the runway, and even material for clothing and footwear premiere. With leggings made ​​of PVC, stiletto-heeled shoes made ​​of recycled hardware, and other unexpected fashion risks, many designers have found success in over-the-top trends that has not taken off in recent years.

Perhaps the current situation in the country, critics and columnists argue in response to the minimalist, yet edgy monochromatic theme of Fashion Week runway. Discussions continue about the success of this daring fashion can be attributed. Perhaps convincing bleak faith in humanity, the new severity of uncertainty that the future has finally opened the door for fashion to go where they never dared go before.

Dark-futurism is called "cyber-punk" is hard not to be quite zaintrigirao.Cyber​​-punk style is bold and while he tried, he was not pulled off as seamlessly as it was viewed with a piece during Fashion Week. Materials are mainly leather, PVC and latex, that the naked ear sounds like it would appear trashy and violent person, on the border of fetish-wear.

This in some way to avoid completely this year designers, as a post-apocalyptic, almost menacing appeal of cut-throat piece is definitely a success for designers such as Nicholas Kirkwood. In his shoes Rodarte collection, where they brave the extremes of industrialism and the futuristic design of the heel are made of tarnish hardware to achieve a new level of courage sexy, without indication of fetish-shop feel.

Not all designs are found distressed or dystopian, and many happily throw-back to find ultra-glam 70's were seen during Fashion Week in New York. Pulling away from the common to see 70-bohemian look them in the way of existing, new trends lean toward sophisticated socialite glamor of the disco era. It is a whimsical look of high quality seen in a series of floor sweeping gown at Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection.

As shown in the extreme thigh high slit and opaque materials, garments a touch-sensitive late 70's with the bold new approach. Other 70 spoil the look that makes a return in 2011 will be the hot pants, jumpsuits and Slinky fabrics, all admit that they have a special feeling Studio 54th

Biker-Chic, the true essence of motorcycle equipment meets high-end version of the Thriller video in 1988, is recognized immediately as it will be a new wave of fashion trends in 2011. With statements like pieces of motorcycle jackets, motorcycle boots and skin tight leather pants, it looks decipherable already appeared on the cover Harpaars bizarre in a photo shoot with Jennifer Anniston and will young Miley Cirus' album cover for their new release, "can not be tamed. "

Designer pieces by Balmain and Burberry introduced an attractive attention to detail and quality in the Statement of motorcycle jackets. Making a splash of bright colors on pieces normally seen only in matte black, Burberry revealed a body hugging black motorcycle jacket with zippered sleeves and twisted detail has been recognized as a must-have for fashion enthusiasts at first glance.
There comes a different level of both power and sophistication with a bold new color choices and detail of the skin that is quilted, padded and lined. Chanel discovered a new motorcycle boot that has already been seen on celebrities like Kiera Knightley. With bold, curved, two-toned skin complaints, it's hard not to fall in love with this trend. Also zippered, detailed sense of genuine leather pieces will appear in the pants, skirts, shoes and jackets in 2011 as part of the biker-chic phenomenon.

The intention seems clear as a minimum jeweled models strut the runway Fashion Week in New York. The fashion trends for 2011 will be mostly monochromatic, with a strong piece izjavu.Novi focus on minimalist, high-quality pieces can be seen through most of 2011 designer collections. Prices do not seem to be going down anytime soon in relation to high-end designers. In fact, it seems to be increasing in line with the quality of simple pieces. This is Fashion Week in New York, of course, where all the current rational economic capacity does not dare to stand toe-to-toe with emerging trends.


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