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Here is information about some of the most famous fashion designers of all time; their names, their life stories and an insight into their successful careers. And not just that, this section dedicated to fashion designers also provides you with some tips on how to enter this profession and make a mark in fashion designing. Read on.

Career in Fashion Design

is for good men to creativity, as others see you and others to follow your way then, taking fashion marketing education, or attend college fashion design is the right path for you.

Fashion design is a source that shows you to develop your ideas and extensive research. The combination of experts (lectures) in the fashion and design workshop training in fashion design education.

Easier way for upcoming fashion designers, governments, and privately funded institutions have introduced comprehensive courses. In the past five years India has seen a lot of the popular fashion design institutes and students joined a huge, fashion design course as a serious degree.

right fashion design in India

  • performance in the entrance exam
  • for undergraduate programs - 10 +2 with minimum 50% of any recognized Board of Education
  • The postgraduate program is a bachelor's degree in a particular area
  • Once the portfolio of sketches, drawings and other artistic creations help

skills and preferences

  • originality, creativity, eye for detail and understanding of clothing and fashion
  • knack for combining the right shades, textures and fabrics to the life of someone's imagination
  • Knowledge of materials, the way the draping, material, fabric styles, colors and design
  • basic tailoring skills
  • good communication skills
  • fashion consciousness
  • market awareness and awareness of consumer preferences

career outlook

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