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A Man's Guide to Dressing in a Business Casual Environment

Many companies have begun running a business casual dress code many years ago with the creation of "Casual Friday." In the last ten to fifteen years casual Friday has turned into a everyday for many companies. If you find yourself in a business casual environment, one should be careful in the choice of ruhu.Zaposlenik in this environment to keep in mind that periodic or not, their appearance makes the first impression, and each employee will, at some point, be the "face" of someone. Gentlemen, business casual means much more than khaki pants and polo shirts golf. Do not be afraid to show some personality through your appearance, just be sure to show some restraint. For example, T-shirts, either printed or plain, has no place in the professional workplace. Also, if all you are doing a favor and do not wear any shoes that exposes the legs. Leave the sandals for the beach and always wear socks to work.

Now that we've looked at the two rules that should be considered unbreakable, let's tackle some options that no casual business man.


Believe it or not, this option is in the business environment periodically. Today, suits are designed to be more versatile. Many styles can be worn without a tie or with a crew neck or mock košulja.Džemper can even be added in the colder months.

Believe it or not, this option is in the business environment periodically. Today, suits are designed to be more versatile. Many styles can be worn without a tie or with a crew neck or mock košulja.Džemper can even be added in the colder months.



Today, there are too many options available at the touch of the svakoj.Važno thing to remember about sportcoat is just like a suit, look for versatility. Many jackets can be worn in a casual business environment by day and dressed down with a nice pair of jeans at night. Also, be sure to keep it in good condition, just like the outfit.

There is a difference between the sportcoat and blazer. Really, nobody should be without a Navy Blazer in his closet. This is just one of those things that every person can use at some point, and in the opinion of this man, this is just as necessary as a pair of jeans or khakis. Stick with wool Blazer because it just looks and feels better than a blended tkanine.Sportska jacket is not as casual as Sportcoats, but such a suit, it can be dressed down and keep it well put together look.


I can not say this enough, but do not wear T-shirts, printed or hard work. They simply are not appropriate in a professional okruženju.Tri options are here polo or golf shirts, mock neck shirt, or buttoning a shirt. Mock neck shirts come in different fabrics and look great under suits and Sportcoats. Polo shirts also come in different colors and fabrics that are fairly traditional choice for business casual.

More and more people carry on buttoning a shirt, usually worn with a tie, with open ovratnikom.Važna thing here is to be sure to keep them clean and pressed. Just because they look less formal does not mean that it should be wet. There are several collar choices, the key spread, for marking. Really there is no rule here, but my suggestion is to try all styles and choose what you like wearing.

Another note about the button-up shirt is a French-cuff shirt. It has become far more acceptable to wear a delicious French-cuff shirts with a nice set of cufflinks, no tie. It adds a little touch of classic look without you dressing too. Again, this is one of those personal preference things. My suggestion is to give it a try. If you do not like, do not wear it.


Do not wear jeans to work. Now that we have dealt with this, you should wear? Khaki pants are a very traditional choice. Be sure to wear those to work are clean with crisp crease, and that they fit correctly. Wearing these everyday can seem, well ... bored.

change things with charcoal, black, or olive. Even a pair of gray pants can work with the right shirt and jacket. We come to another personal preference with curves in relation to the flat front. Again, try both and go with comfort.

Something to be mindful of is how you wear pants. Many men (mostly men) in America, unfortunately, have a small intestine (including yours truly). Stop joking and stop hiking his pants twenty times a day. If you have a hose, to accept and do not wear pants below the waist straight line. May you think it looks better, but it does not. In fact, it makes your stomach look bigger, because it hangs over the waist of trousers. One possibility here is to add a pair of bracers. Bracers are becoming much more acceptable for men under 70 years. In fact, I know many men who can not stand to wear the belt now that they are willing to take a leap of faith and try a couple of bracers.


Do not wear sneakers, sandals or flip-flops. This is simply tasteless. Look for a nice dress shoes, or lace up or slip on, and keep them polished. By the way, stick with basic colors like black, brown or burgundy. While your tastes may lean towards indigo dress shoes, they are just not professional.

There you have it. Business casual done right is really not that difficult, but many people would rather have root canal than spend much time on how they dress. If you're that guy, and you just can not get it right, your best bet is to visit your local men's store. Make sure that the men's store, none of the major anchor retailers to the mall. Any repetition of the men's shop worth its salt will be able to give you great advice.


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