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Wearing Your Chinos as a Smart Alternative to Jeans

Are you tired of wearing the exact same old thing? Although jeans can be comfortable and even attractive, wearing them more than-and-more than again can get old pretty rapidly. When the day or event calls for casual attire, there are other alternatives to give some thought to. The smart, properly-dressed man consists of additional than just jeans for casual wear. Chinos can supply the great option whilst giving you an entirely new foundation to construct your casual wardrobe on.


Let's take a moment to give consideration to the rewards and style selections of chinos as a smart option to jeans.


Chinos and Colour


Chinos are a type of pants that had been very first utilized by the military, but have come a long way in fashion due to the fact then. Although these pants are often confused with khakis, they are not restricted to the tan, dusty colour of khakis. They can be dyed a number of colours, which includes:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Olive
  • Navy


The assortment of colours accessible is yet another benefit that makes them a smart option to jeans. The distinct colours on the market allow for a selection of looks that can turn 1 outfit into various possibilities.


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