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The Advent of Designer Jeans

in the fashion history books, there are two completely different scenarios that led to the ad made ​​jeans as we know them today. First came the notion of "designer" about a hundred years ago jeans started to nosi.Cilj this article is to give you an insight into how a designer jeans evolved.

History of 'designer'

designer clothes as they would recognize today, there is a late 17th century within the elite class of our society. Around this time was a big gap between people who have money and people who did not. One of the main goals was to show the rich their wealth to their peers while they stood insurance in addition to what is called the "unwashed masses". These are done through clothing with exaggerated style seen in most clothes. For example clothes featured intricate details of the expensive fabrics like silk and lace, while the feet of materials were used to create spectacular skirts.

However, the poorer people of society admired these designs and began to try to replicate them with what they had available to them. It bothered the elite class and to look even richer still differ from the lower levels of society, they had to change their regular styles. To do this, they asked for clothes-making, and ordered one of the pieces to be designed. And so the designer clothes as we know it today was born.

History of Jeans

As mentioned earlier, the jeans do not enter the history books a hundred years later. Jeans started life as a piece of material worn over clothes to protect them. These pieces of denim wear the other end of U.S. society, the working class, to ensure levels of performance for their work wear. Jeans quickly spread throughout the United States and become common to see the work clothes for the use of workers and cowboys.

, but in the 1930s American film producers began to churn out a wide variety of cowboy movies revel in the western world. In these movies, cowboys wore jeans for durable functionality. However, people watching these films saw cowboys as heroes and admired their clothes. Thus, jeans began to be seen as a fashion item, instead of the traditional work wear. During the war years, American soldiers wear jeans continue to inspire people and encourage demand for jeans.

1950 however saw a change in people who wore jeans. In that period, carrying the youth culture as rebellious item. This period in the history of jeans is short lived and in the 1960s and 1970s were still in the main stream way. With the increase in sales over the next few decades, designer brands, saw a gap in the market to combine their styling genius of the major fashion item -. Designer jeans were born

designer jeans today

Now there are hundreds of designer brands, the production of jeans, such as the popular and uvijek.Stilovi products vary between brands and thus the price tag with prices usually starting around 50 pounds and grow to several hundred.

is one of the more affordable brands Police 883 jeans. originally started designing accessories such as sunglasses for fashion-conscious male customer, but later added a line of clothing and, of course, progressed in jeans. Renowned for their superior quality in design and manufacturing, the police jeans have become a very popular fashion item in the whole world.


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