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Ready To Create A Mad Hatter Costume?

is ready to be as "mad as a hatter" for the Halloween festivities? Want some tips on how to let the "crazy" side of your personality shine through? With just a little creativity mixed with just a tiny bit of patience, you can create a hatter costume that will surely be very memorable.

Now, this brief article will lean more towards the type of costume that someone would take into account the traditional and not so many versions of Johnny Depp from Tim Burton's hit film, which was so smashing success in 2010. Or maybe you can combine elements of both would really unique costume that's right for you! After all, you really are quite mad!

The simplest way to go about putting his Mad Hatter costume together to start rummaging through old clothes you have. They do not necessarily match the more colorful the better. All you need is a brightly colored pants, white shirt and knee length coat. If you do not have anything stuffed away in his home, several trips to the neighborhood thrift store should be enough. You May also want to stop the craft store and grab some fabric paint and fabric remnants to make some embellishments to your bones. There really is no set of rules here, and more eclectic the better.


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