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Jeans Through the Ages

Jeans have been around since 1873, but did not really become popular outside the labor force until 1950, when he took the young. We can basically thank the cool factor for James Dean jeans explosion, except during his time, wearing jeans and a sign of rebellion was quickly forbidden to wear in the theaters and restaurants. It was not long before they took the denim trend and since then the same fashion affair.


By the 1970s, stone washing became izbora.Traper statement and textile industry, which pioneered this program has helped push the jeans for a larger mass market, the appeal is more universal rather than a form of rebellion or a worker to wear.

Another ongoing trend emerge in the 1970s is pre-washed jeans Jean.Prodava─Ź from a large manufacturing company was put on sale when his hotel room flooded and all the jeans that brought together the wet. I asked the hotel owner, if he could rent the pool to wash jeans. They fell down two sizes, which led him to the idea of ​​selling "pre-washed" styles.


Throughout the 1980s, more colors made ​​their debi.Plave shades of jeans comes from indigo color, so when other styles of jeans come in bright colors like yellow, pink and green, it's actually a different material that resembles that of jeans but not exactly podjednako.1990 made ​​denim has a wardrobe staple for men, women, workers, club goers and the like. Everyone had a pair of jeans.

Today is

parodies especially on denim leg wear, even made ​​their rounds. Saturday Night Live has created a piece all about the dreaded "mom jeans" after comedians Tina Fey experienced apartment fire and was forced to do last minute shopping before going to work in the morning. In her haste she picked what she thought suitable pants, but it turned out that the office called "mom jeans ."

Now, with eco-friendly attitude becomes a stick, jeans are re-purposed. No longer just for keeping your feet protected from the elements, recycled denim used in building houses in isolation. Their isolation rating is actually comparable to a typical insulator or fiberglass.


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