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Fashion Preview 2011: Spring Dresses

spring 2011 collections collection highlight the importance for designers, because they not only mark the beginning of a new year, but that the new decade. Expect to see a bolder design and something more than extravagance in recent years as the economy shows signs of recovery spor.Sedamdesetih and sixties, inspired by the way, still rules the runways, with the Mad Men-inspired dresses and Studio 64-esque glitzy metallic still showing on the runways. Maxi dresses remain the trend and some designers sent down the runway ordinary Maxis for fresh twist to the current modern fashion staple.

You can not talk about clothes with no mention of Diane von Furstenberg, creator of the icon wrap dress. Furstenberg's spring collection a larger-than-life graphics and bright colors like purple, lemon, and turquoise. Dresses shied from long maxi dresses and generally fell to mid-calf. Accepting the current return of seventies glam, Furstenberg is a shimmery gold dress is beautiful and perfectly wrapped. To mimic Furstenberg's spring collection was inspired by the Greek, go with a draped dress in a bold color and a couple with a simple style and strapped sandles.

As usual, Betsey Johnson collection has been one of the most whimsical collections hit the runway this spring. Betsey theme this year is "riders", but do not let that fool you into thinking it was sent nothing but bike shorts down the runway. The season is a nice retro-inspired, with tons of flouncy 50-and 60-skirts that would narrow waist bilo.Zbirka also held several mermaid style dress that looked straight out of film noir film. While most billing Betsey Johnson gave more color than the neon debt collection gave a typically all-black pieces, including a showstopping sexy lace dress that reveals a model of black underwear, it was a brave and a little greasy, but nice sveisti. If you have no fear, show a little skin this spring, look for sheer black lace dress, in order to mimic the head turning fashion trend. For a sweeter look, search for the Navy-inspired dress like the Betsey Johnson show this spring,. Sexy and short dresses sailor looked straight out of the 40-pin-up calendar

Marc Jacobs bypass whimsy in the 50's and 60's and went straight for the glitz and glamor of the 70s. His collection featured long flared pants, halters, frizzy hair, and huge hats. Jacobs' palette is an eclectic mix of plums, mustards, mauves, and oranges. Like many other designers this season, Jacobs has also sent several golden metal pieces down the runway. To mimic the Jacobs' celebrated collection, look for 70-inspired halter dresses with lots of flow and blend them with carefully selected over-the-top accessories. Think big hats and sparkling pendants. Plunging neckline are another great way to show the fashion newfound 70-aesthetic. For spring 2011 showstopping appearance, hunting for gold metallic dress and pair with some 70's-inspired dramatic eye makeup.


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