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Fashion + Eco-Friendly = Fierce

If you're hiding in a cave for the time you know that "it" trend that is green. Recycling, using less electricity in your home, and now buy clothing that does not take a lot of Mother Nature and still keeps looking šik.Proljeće 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is definitely a new route this year. From 11 September to 17, many designers presented their work, many of whom are taking that extra effort to find earth friendly materials at cheaper prices. Designers began to show that everyone can dress the green regardless of whether you live in New York or the North Pole. Here are some of the big green trends that were seen at Fashion Week and how you can get:

Throwbacks: boyfriend blazer, motorcycle jackets, suit jackets and dress the garden stranke.Stara school is always reinventing itself in new školi.Velika thing about these trends is they are all in style 10-20 years ago. More than likely you still have these items in your house somewhere. So run to the attic and dust off with these boxes! If you are too young to remember, in the 80s as the nearest thrift store or other store is just a hop away. You will often find things there that still have price tags on them, or never used.

Green Shows: is the first in this year's fashion week held exhibitions Green: Eco Fashion Week. This event was held two days and only showcased designers who were 100% eco-friendly. Most of these designers are underground or new, which is great because you will probably be the only person in your office building rocking their stuff. The new designers are doing things that are recycling old fabrics and patterns from previous fashion linija.Zamisao about using the old paint, to paint garments used by many fruits and vegetables. Check to make sure that factories are producing their best to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their employees is one of many reasons to check out this fashion line. All these artists are getting an extra step to make sure that the fashion brings you give an honest company who work hard to preserve the land. So next time you think about taking a quick run to the center, trade with these designers and others who will be green.

I Shop Green: So you've decided to shop green. It's great! You wake up one morning, get ready, grab your wallet while his head out the door, but wait! Where can you go to get green clothing that is fierce? Check out the online eco-friendly fashion retailers from around the world. Also, not only can you shop with your friends, but the shop in their closets too. You might not have to dress the animal you are looking for printing, but your best friend can. Replacement of host parties and bring things you no longer want or need to trade with your friends for the items they want to. Shop those out-of-date neon tights for something you really want for free. This is great for saving money and still getting something new.


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