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Fashion Designer Salaries - A Desirable Career With High Pay

Fashion design is the preferred choice of career mnogih.Glamur, creativity and potential earnings, along with names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Mark James, and Yves Saint Laurent, to convey the vision of glamorous clothes, red carpet events, celebrity people, fame and big bucks. However, the reality could not be further from the truth. Those who choose a career in fashion design are starting wages below $ 30,000 a year, however, hard work, determination, creativity and ability to empathize, can result in earning millions during his career


people associate fashion design with a high-profile designers who lend their name to the clothes you wear. Those who enjoy the world of fashion, but require job and income stability, a more secure options available. Employing rich mass marketing and production. These garments are designed for retail and discount chains. As the middle class demands increasing for stylish, yet affordable, clothing, and designers and manufacturers continue to grow in popularity. Start salaries in mass marketing on average $ 30,000 per year. However, creating designs that are unique and functional, leading to a potential income of $ 78, 000 or more per year

designer salaries are often dictated by employment. As mentioned above, the designers who work for the manufacturer can expect between $ 56,000 and $ 73,000 per year.

designer salaries are often dictated by employment. As mentioned above, the designers who work for the manufacturer can expect between $ 56,000 and $ 73,000 per year.


design firms, franchises, universities and design houses offer a middle of the road salary;. Somewhere in between, $ 45,000 and $ 51,000 annual income


place of employment affects the salary of fashion designers. Unlike other industries, fashion design is focused in major U.S. cities. The greatest profit potential lies in cities such as San Francisco ($ 69,000 per year), Dallas ($ 67,000 per year), Los Angeles ($ 57,000 per year), Seattle ($ 56,000 annually) Miami ($ 45,000) and Chicago ($ 43,000 per year ). Interestingly, although he believes the design capital of the world, in New York's third-place honors with an average salary $ 63,000 per year. New York was flooded with new designers every year. Salaries are low, especially for those who are new to the industry, in order to test their mettle and dedication to the industry.

Other factors that determine the salaries of education and experience. Designers who have graduated from reputable universities and design schools, Garner higher wages. Creativity, talent, and reputation to enable the designer stands out among its competitors, and further increases the profit potential. Designers who respect their customers and employees have higher incomes and do not forget to clients known celebrities and headliners will inspire the designer at the top salary.

As with any career choice, many factors, including education, drive, creativity, place, and just plain hard work, will ultimately determine the lifetime income of a fashion designer. For those who want to take risks, and the search for prime opportunities during the income is only limited by creativity and imagination.


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