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Sashay, sashay, sashay.

Coco Chanel once said: "Fashion is not simply a matter of clothing."
She was right.
Fashion also about the beautiful women who wear the clothing.
Yes, guys.
Yes, I know, they're thin and pretty
and that means we automatically have to hate them.
However, the psychology around models
fascinates me to end.
These are the ideal females.
Models are the women whom designers hope
will contribute to their own success.
Plus, they are the centerpieces of some of
the most infinitely luscious imagery on the planet,
the muses to some of its greatest
artists. Here are my top twenty favorite models, listed in order of
preference starting at the bottom. I follow the modeling
industry somewhat obsessively, so be assured
that this is no half-bit job. These are
women who transcend the role of 'anemic coat hanger' and come
dangerously close to that of 'goddess'.

God, I am so gay sometimes.

20. Stella Tennant
She's British nobility...literally. She was the first model to catch my eye, way back when.

19. Lily ColeHumans aren't supposed to look like this. I love it.

18. Evelina MambetovaShe's incredibly eerie for some reason...and I still haven't a clue what her ehtnicity is. So intriguing.

17. Alexandra AgostonShe embodies all things expensive...and carries off Galliano makeup like no other.

16. Lakshmi Menon
She's 26. She's also Indian...not to mention smart as hell. Exemplary.

15. Natalia ChabanenkoAndrogyny and sexiness coexisting to a superlative.

14. Kim NoordaShe's looks like some vampy shouldn't work...but it does.

13. Agyness Deyn
I care not what you say. She is an excellent model with tangible personality...albeit a shitty celebrity.

12. Karen ElsonThe redhead editorial queen of yesterday!

11. Olga ShererThe redhead runway queen of tomorrow!

10. Sessilee LopezSessiee's got sass...and isn't afraid to be a little old school in editorials. She also just HAPPENS to be dating Kanye.

9. Magdalena FrackowiackFuck, she is sexy.

8. Elsa Sylvan She looks delciously evil...and is limitlessly versatile. I love the sharpness of her face.

7. Snejana Onopka

6. Iekeline StrangeYou can slice carrots with those cheekbones.

5. Coco RochaUnrivaled on print. Inimitable robo-amazon!

4. Amanda Laine
The shape of her face...her pale, pale skin. She exudes melancholy, and it's inspiring.

3. Alice GibbShe is vastly, vastly underrated: an androgynous English rose...a modern Elizabeth! Alexander McQueen, why can't everyone else think like you do?

2.Georgina StojiljkovicHer face is a miracle. The lips, the cheekbones, the a killer body? She is a baroque painting. If someone gave me a lump of clay and asked me to sculpt the ideal face, this'd be it.

1. Lara StoneLara is epic in every way. Her body is perfect, in my opinion. And her lips, her teeth! Her face is the sublime synthesis of old-world glamor and cutting edge, bitchy futurism. Yes, she has curves. Yes, she has wonky teeth. She just doesn't give a fuck! And she still books jobs! And campaigns! Vogue Paris is dedicating their next issue to her! Go Lara!

Again...this is subject to change at any given time.
If I say so.

Baby, I'll let you know!


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