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Wishful Thinking

It's fashion week!
It truly is NOT possible to predict where this fickle little industry will decide to warp next, but there's no way I'll go down quietly without a good 'ol say in the matter!

This month, I wish humby for:

1. Stark minimalism!

2. Breathtaking fantasy and opulence (to balance!).

3. More misplaced-heel pumps.

4. My girls booking slews of jobs

5. Diversity on runways. (Who doesn't?)

6. Two passable collections from John Galliano.

7. High waisted jeans and shorts.

8. Black, gray, and white.

9. Dark herringbone.

10. Eighties sullhouettes in subdued colors.

11. Raf Simons and Alexander McQueen and Tomas Maier and the Mulleavy sisters to keep doing EXACTLY what they're doing.

12. For Karl to take a risk.

13. More model wipe-outs!

14. The Agyness Deyn Renaissance (yeah, right...)

14. Pastels.

15. Strange, innovative, and luxurius swimwear.

16. Heavy fabrics used in more revealing (for summer) pieces.

17. Stiletto-gladiator sandles!

18. Tyra Banks. In some manifestation.

19. Anabela Belikova sent home from Paris 'cause her thighs are too big. Uh, FATASS. Hi, sarcasm.

20. Magic and Mystery!

I'm prayin' people.


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