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LFW - For The Love of Basso & Brooke

London Fashion Week, moreso than any of the others, is about eccentircity and fun.

Dismiss eccentricity, opt for chic basics.
Dismiss fun, clomp about in your stilettos.
What if you, though, could have it all?

In one of my favorite collections of the season thus far, the ingenious Basso & Brooke have taken eighties redux to dramatic, artistic, and graphic new heights.

The collection, ripe with vibrant cinched-waisted pantsuits and kimono-style day dresses, is loud, yes, and very colorful...but these clothes possess a sense of madcap intricacy that is seldom found among the present's recession-minded collections. Here are some absolute highlights, and be sure not to miss any I've already posted.

Oh, for joy!

Vlada turned it out, garbed in this explosive opener. The only words that come to mind are comic book superlatives and onomatopoeias.

A look whose impact is outlandishly disproportional to the ease taken in wearing it. Picasso does neons. Oh, to think!

A simpler look with a structured yet organic accordion affect. The beautiful belt pulls it all together with aplomb.

A simple, in comparison, day dress in the familiar sillhouette. Even without some outlandish print about the whole thing (in comparison), the actual design of the garment itself translates with ease. Spot-on for summer.

I just adored the colors and the campy print. So unabashedly eighties! It reminds me of "Fruit of the Loom" th best of ways, mind you.

Peggy Guggeheim turns in her grave.

I adore the Brito-sih print on the pants...and the shirt looks like something out of Lacroix Haute Couture. It's all a complete non sequiter, from the waves to the belt...yet it works.

Just lovely.


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