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Recessive Genial

We're in the midst of a recession. In the long run, this is quite blatently not a good thing. Genius, I know. I've not the political prowess to discuss the specifics in detail, but I'd be blind not to notice the toll it's taking on the individuals around me and also what effects it will probably take on "society" (yes, that word is very much overused, but I think it applies here).
According to political analysts (most of these predictions came from the fabulous Radar Magazine), we'll soon see, among other things, a revival of feminism (hi, Hilary), the increased production of horror movies (hi, everyinsufferablefilmatthelocalcinema), and feminine men held as ideals (hi, Chace and Zach. Coffee?)
This is, of course, a fashion blog...and I would be outright lying if I said I wasn't giddy about the recession's effect on the industry.
During a recession, people cut back. Yes, you knew that. There is an air of conservativeness, of preservation. Naturally, as we saw in the seventies and thirties (R E C E S S I O NAL PERIODS), hemlines drop.
Modesty becomes key.
Minimalism makes reigns.
The color pallette mutes.
The cut and quality of clothing is the focus.
These are a few key elements of what I consider "taste". That is a very pretentious thing to say, yes, but let's take a look back to some fashion snapshots from, say, the end of 1999. The economy was leagues better then. The world, in my opinion, possessed a brighter future. However, with this security came excess. Tell me what you see.
The closing look from Dolce and Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2000 collection.
Here's a closing look from the same season from Yves Saint Laurent, a house whose refinement and powerful elegance is legendary. This isn't as bad, but something like this was expected to sell.
And, finally, from the notorious Versace runway (of the same season, no less) the famous J.Lo dress.
Now, I'm not saying this is a bad way of dressing. It's obviously not my taste, but my taste is certainly not a unanimous one. Note the differences in these looks from the same houses (in previous order) from the recent Spring/Summer 2008 season. I wouldn't show the Fall/Winter 2008 because of the obvious differences between seasons (although there was all that buzz about "seasonless dressing"...)
Dolce and GabbanaYves Saint Laurent

Call it somber, call it boring, call it conservative, call it severe. This is the direction, people.
Luckily, this is a direction in which I revel in progressing.


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